Day 2: The making of Moirai and it’s 2 lifes.

Really Brad you’re doing a blog post about a game you helped make? Why yes I am!

Okay so Moirai is a little game that I did the art for about 2 years ago (maybe even 3 now). Originally we set out to make this game for the 7 Day FPS (First Person Shooter) challenge (its like a game jam, but over 7 days and is focused on FPS games). Well we all got a bit lazy (I think from memory) and the game ended up getting made over the space of a mouth. I think it took me around 20 hours to make the art assets for the game. I imagine the others probably spent a bit longer on their parts (music and programming), especially Chris with the programming as the game relays on getting data from a sever and sending out emails to players ect (I don’t really know how hard this would have been, don’t ask me I’m just a artist 😛 ). Any way the game Eventurly got made and had has now had what I will reefer to as 2 life times. Actually what was probably the most memorable part of developing the game for me was when one tested asked if we could let them kill the sheep, and Chris said he would put it in if I did a dead sheep sprite for it (yes I did one).

Here is the spoiler warning from here I will probably end up talking about the games story and mechanics. The game only takes about 5 mins to play, so just go play it! Its currently got a 96% positive ratting on steam so it’s probably not going to be a complete waste of time.

The games first life was mostly through a website called Game Jolt, I remember being super excited and thinking the game had probably peaked its players at ten thousand. At this point the game had had a reasonable amount of coverage from small you-tubers. From this the game continued to gain more and more traction until it hit about 40k play throughs. What gave this first life a second push was when a you-tuber you may know called Pewdiepie played the game. Him playing the game alone got us another 10k downloads. Another worth while highlight from the first life is the game was featured on the show floor for a few hours in Game Jolts both ad GDC. So most of this life was powered social media and more so by you-tubers. The issue is when some one makes a YouTube video of the game it ruins the point of the game as it’s a one trick pony.

The second life came just a few weeks ago about a week before AVCon Chris got a email I had assumed was never coming as it has been so long, it was the email from steam saying we had made it through green light about a year after Chris had submitted it. This was Chris’s second game to get onto steam so he had rough idea of what to expect in terms of getting a games set up on steam. What Chris didn’t know to expect was 120k people playing the game in the space of just over a week. (Ah writing that made me laugh way to much) The good thing about all the steam players was that they where mostly playing it because it was in the popular new release section for a lot of that first week.

Hmm its after Midnight now, not sure what I wanted to get across in this post, I guess the main thing that this gets across is that steam is powerful get your game on it. 😛

Day 1: Pokemon Go is it good?

Hmm Brad do you really think it’s a good idea to share what will be an unpopular opinion as your first blog post for Blaugaust  ever? Well I don’t care. 😛 

So you mostly know what about Pokemon Go, especially if you have stumbled onto this Blog. The short answer as a game Pokemon Go is not a good game, as a game any way. What is a game (hmm something I can do a full blog post on… Brad take a hint)  it needs a advocacy, game mechanics, a win condition and most importantly a lose state.

Though, that’s not a really the main reason why it’s not a good game. The two main game play currently is catching Pokemon and attacking gyms.

The mechanics of catching Pokemon is  really just a basic paper toss game that has overly touchy curve ball detection (fixed in the patch pushed on the 31st) and harder to gauge distance with little reference given. I personally play with out the VR on as it’s even harder to gauge the distance with it. I could go on about this a lot more, but I’m not looking to do a full break down of it. I propose this question keep every thing the same about catching them, but strip out Pokemon and make it say real animals. Will this part of the game hold up on its own?

Gyms are a bit better on mechanics as they do have some tactics and encourages you to get together to take down a gyms. Though they have a massive problem as casual players can’t do any thing effective to help their team attack or help level one. As the CP of the Pokemon you catch is based on your level, if you’re not playing the game a lot your probably sitting around level 16 maybe even 20. I think I have been playing a lot (currently level 20) and I can’t do much to most gyms. I guess you can call gyms the End game for Pokemon GO, but that just means that you’re stuck just catching Pokemon and visiting Pokestops until you’re among the top leveled players. When you get the games premium currency from holding gyms it just doesn’t feel right limiting the currency gain to only the top players. Over all I don’t think Gyms are great atm, attacking one is fun, but for me at least the fun is mostly gone as its so pretty much out of my reach to impact them in a meaning way.

Over all I’m still playing it most days for a hour or so after work, but not because its good which as game it isn’t (obviously in my opinion). Why do I and I think so many people keep playing it? It’s game play loop is very good at triggering your reward circuit and  when paid with the nostalgia people have for Pokemon, well yeah.

Any way, just some of my thoughts on Pokemon Go. cya tomorrow (okay later today)