Planetary Annihilation: Hot key Image

Hey with the new patch comes motivation, which has resulted in me finally making a hot key image. I have been talking about doing one since I made my Eco image a few weeks ago. First up I am much happier with how this guide image has come up its easier to read and is more visually pleasing. My first guide image the eco image’s text was hard to read in certain parts and is a bit squishy, but now with this superior style developed for this new image I will mostly redo it in the same visual style which will hopefully make it easier to read. For the hot key image I have just included majority of the default hot keys plus a few that are not actually in the options (chat and pathing debug).

(click for full image)

(click for full image)


When ever I get in to a new game after having played a few games I will always take a look at its hot keys, and begin to learn a few at a time until I’am using them all regularly, but Planetary Annihilation I have been hard pressed trying the learn them all with not being able to hover my mouse over an icon to get its hot key. This is what has motivated me to make this image, as much as I believe we will have such a features implemented by the games release for now we are in beta.

So far I have found the select all air or land units on screen to be really useful. With good use of these hot keys it can make fighting on multiple fronts a lot easier as new units filter into the fight that will not be in your original control groups. What I want to add on to this next is the camera anchors to help with fighting on multiple fronts and with getting back to my base for some extra fabricator micro.

Any way I will be making a steam guide with info on how to use hot keys.

For now later.

Planetary Annihilation: Eco image

Hey so making my first PC gaming post today, more Flames of War stuff soon I promise 🙂

So I have been playing Planetary Annihilation since the beta came out a few weeks ago, and with me always wanting to know the most efficient way  to play a game especially one like this where managing you economy is so important. When I first started playing I made the same mistake as most new players and built air fabricators, and then moved to vehicle fabricators when I saw an out dated eco guide on steam. The other day I decided after talking about it for ages to make my own eco guide/image, and with that ounce again changed my go to fab unit.


After seeing that bot fabs are cheaper to build in the first place and have a faster acceleration, I have now moved to them over all other teir 1 builders.

Note all build times are for unassisted factories. Any way hope this is usefull to some people be sure to keep an eye out for more helpful images I make. Next up will be a one for hot keys.