Blaugust 2016 is here!

So I haven’t post on here in, idk go look for you’re self. What’s made me come back you ask? Well Blaugust WTF is Blaugust you ask? It’s what a few people who where addicted to the stress of organizing a convention called AVCon (specifically the people form the Games team) came up with to fill the void of stress less nights post AVCon which runs in July. But Brad that’s just why it exists what is it? Its where the participants post a blog post each day to cause them simular stress levels as in the lead up to AVCon. To help simulate the fact they do love running AVCon they typically post about things they like some times adding a twist like forcing them self’s to a theme or alphabet challenges ect.

I first heard of this ludicrous idea after my first year running a part of the convention in 2014, back then I was still in uni and was doing more writing for other things, and well thought its was stupid. Last year I was burnt out and was wanting to start up other side projects, and well still kinda thought it was stupid. Now this year I guess I have drank enough of the Kool-Aid to join in! I will not be forcing my self to keep to any strict theme, but hope to use it as a chance to write down my thoughts on games with a focus on their mechanics. Will be aiming for a minimum of 300 words.

Well I guess once I have posted this and shared it on the Facebook page I will be socially committed to doing this for the next 31 days.