2nd Platoon progress.

Just a Quick post before I do some painting. In this batch I am painting more not only painting my second rifle platoon, but also the bazooka teams for each platoon, my Company Commander and Second in Command. What makes this batch a bit ambitious is that I am aiming to have it done before Sunday giving me tonight, Friday and Saturday to finish them off. 2013-11-21 22.57.20 I started this batch on Monday, so far I have done the base coating on the boots, pants, jackets and skin. Leaving me to do the base coating on weapons, helmets and webbing before I get on to highlighting the lot of it. At this point I know I am going to be a pushing it to get them all done, but its do able. 2013-11-21 22.56.42 My normal work flow with painting is to base coat a color and highlight it immediately, but with the number of small mistakes I made with the fist platoon when base coating on parts of the model I had already highlighted. So this time I am doing all the base contain first and highlights second. When highlighting I am much neater so hopefully wont end up having to do so much patch up work. That is it for now, tomorrow I may make a post about the army variations I am considering. Any way later.

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