First Platoon Ready!

It’s been way to long since I have made a post at all letter lone one for my painting, but it does not mean I have not done some painting! I will be making some more posts over this week talking about the changes I am making to my army and some stuff on the next platoon I am going to be painting. For now the Platoon I have finished!

This one was taken after I had base coated every thing other than the gun metal.

This one was taken after I had base coated every thing other than the gun metal.

Before I went on my base coating frenzy I had already highlighted the pants. After I did the jackets and a some what subtle highlight on them I wanted to get all the other base colors on them so I could get a better idea of how they would look finished. What had me concerned was how light and bright the jackets where looking in comparison to the unpainted parts on the miniatures. After I had painted the other colors on them I was much happier with how the jackets where looking.

Highlights done ready to varnish.

Nearly ready to varnish, just need to paint the metal.

I was really happy with out they are coming along at this stage, the helmet highlight looks a bit stronger than it actually is. At this stage I was still unsure how I wanted to handle doing metal for the army either with metallic paint which I would wash back to get rid of the shine or just paint them non-metallic using a dark grey  as a base and then follow it up with a light grey blue. I decided to go with the non-metallic option wanting to try something I had not before.

The finished models.

The finished models.

So I know this is a bit of a jump, but I did not take nearly enough pictures ounce I got into it. I know the shine from the low gloss varnish is coming off quite strong, but when they don’t have more normal lighting on them its a lot more subtle. I had the choice of 2 varnishes to use for the army either the low gloss that I went with or the no gloss that dulls the the colors on the models. Just another note I varnished the figures while they where still on there sticks.

The basing where to begin, so I originally started  with using chocolate brown (872 by Model Color) for the base rims, but after trying of it with Flat Earth (983) it was obvious it was the superior choice. Flat Earth had better contrast with the rest of the base and complemented the figures better.

The base soil was done with a black under coat, Chocolate Brown, Flat earth and a final light coat of a 50% Flat earth and 50% White. I considered doing a final much lighter color applied very lightly, but decided against it wanting to keep it quite dark.

So on the rest of the bases I have a lot going on, “Grass” flock by Games Work Shop, Brushes Medium Green by woodland Scenics, the foliage I believe to be German by the text on the bag and the wood from a dead plant in my back yard (I have collected more than enough to do the whole army and then some).

Less glare.

Less glare.

Any way that’s all I have for now; I will make sure to take more pictures, and will hopefully get around to put up more post about what I am up wargaming wise and more.

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