First Engagement

So today I had a game with a borrowed american army, unfortunately no battle report at the request of my opponent. Instead a quick summary of the game with some thoughts on also changing my list. I won the game 5-2 after losing 2 platoons. The way scoring works in Flames of War is the winner gets 6 points, and the losers  gets 1, but for every platoon the winning player losses they get one less point, and the losing player gets one more for the first 2 platoons lost. The exception to this is an army with 9 or more platoons ignores the first platoon lost (my army has 10 platoons), so in the game I lost a rifle platoon and my mobile AA platoon.

Mission Break Through, Attacker: British Armour Defender: American Infantry.

Mission Break Through, Attacker: British Armour Defender: American Infantry.

I am thinking of trading out the MG platoon for a 37mm AT platoon. The MG platoon can put down a lot of anti infantry fire power, but by mid war tanks amour is more than heavy enough to no be threatened by them. Mean while the 37mm AT guns are equipped with both anti infantry, and anti tank rounds, but half the amount of fire power. As much as I love the ability of MGs to cut down infantry in the open they are not going to get many opportunities to do this, and all I really need them to do is pin down an assault which the 37mm will give me enough a shots to pin down assaulting infantry while also being threatening to tanks.

Borrowed American FoW army.

Borrowed American FoW army.

For those of you who know my army list from my first blog post you will notice quite a few of the units in the photo above are quite a few of the units are not quite right. Because the army is borrowed quite a few of the of the platoons are represented. Going from the top left to right: 105mm Artillery, 155mm Artillery (represented by Air-landing Cannon Platoon), 57mm AT Platoon, 2 M15 CGMC AA Platoon, T30 75mm HMC (represented by half tracks). Middle row: Parachute Rifle Platoon, MG platoon. Bottom: Rifle Platoon, Rifle Platoon and Weapons Platoon.


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