More Painting!

I know its been well over a week since I have done any painting, but today I did some. I have always been a fan of batch painting going back to when I first started war-gaming. The issue with batch painting 15mm scale figures (Flames of War figures) over Games Workshops 28mm scale figures is that batch painting them means your typically painting something like 39 figures (number of riflemen in a platoon) over some thing like 10 in a squad for warhammer. Where the issue arises for 15mm is the shear number that your painting at a time makes it easy to become absent minded, and missing parts of the figures. My way to combat this is to check over each stick ounce I think it’s done and then again after I have finished the whole platoon checking over every stick again with a new found energy knowing that I have nearly finished a color.

Progress: anklets, pants and jacket test.

Progress: anklets, pants and jacket test.


Really happy with how they are coming up so far. That said not having painted in so long my hands are not quite as steady as they use to be, so as a result some of the painting is not quite as neat as I would have liked it to been, but I can feel my brush control returning so at least from my second platoon onwards my figures should be up to the standard I’am hoping to achieve. I only did the jackets on 2 of the miniatures to test the paint order, and have discovered that I really need to do the sink before the jacket, so that’s what I am going to do next time I paint (hopefully less than a week from now).

After starting on my computer chair I opted out for the stall.

After starting on my computer chair I opted out for the stall.

Just a quick note on my working posture, so on my computer chair I was finding my self sitting to high over my figures and hunching over a lot so decided a switch out for the much lower stall putting the figures at a much more appropriate height. The moment I switched over I found my back feeling much better, and at a better height to work at.

That’s all for this for now Later.

First Engagement

So today I had a game with a borrowed american army, unfortunately no battle report at the request of my opponent. Instead a quick summary of the game with some thoughts on also changing my list. I won the game 5-2 after losing 2 platoons. The way scoring works in Flames of War is the winner gets 6 points, and the losers  gets 1, but for every platoon the winning player losses they get one less point, and the losing player gets one more for the first 2 platoons lost. The exception to this is an army with 9 or more platoons ignores the first platoon lost (my army has 10 platoons), so in the game I lost a rifle platoon and my mobile AA platoon.

Mission Break Through, Attacker: British Armour Defender: American Infantry.

Mission Break Through, Attacker: British Armour Defender: American Infantry.

I am thinking of trading out the MG platoon for a 37mm AT platoon. The MG platoon can put down a lot of anti infantry fire power, but by mid war tanks amour is more than heavy enough to no be threatened by them. Mean while the 37mm AT guns are equipped with both anti infantry, and anti tank rounds, but half the amount of fire power. As much as I love the ability of MGs to cut down infantry in the open they are not going to get many opportunities to do this, and all I really need them to do is pin down an assault which the 37mm will give me enough a shots to pin down assaulting infantry while also being threatening to tanks.

Borrowed American FoW army.

Borrowed American FoW army.

For those of you who know my army list from my first blog post you will notice quite a few of the units in the photo above are quite a few of the units are not quite right. Because the army is borrowed quite a few of the of the platoons are represented. Going from the top left to right: 105mm Artillery, 155mm Artillery (represented by Air-landing Cannon Platoon), 57mm AT Platoon, 2 M15 CGMC AA Platoon, T30 75mm HMC (represented by half tracks). Middle row: Parachute Rifle Platoon, MG platoon. Bottom: Rifle Platoon, Rifle Platoon and Weapons Platoon.


Planetary Annihilation: Eco image

Hey so making my first PC gaming post today, more Flames of War stuff soon I promise ūüôā

So I have been playing Planetary Annihilation since the beta came out a few weeks ago, and with me always wanting to know the most efficient way  to play a game especially one like this where managing you economy is so important. When I first started playing I made the same mistake as most new players and built air fabricators, and then moved to vehicle fabricators when I saw an out dated eco guide on steam. The other day I decided after talking about it for ages to make my own eco guide/image, and with that ounce again changed my go to fab unit.


After seeing that bot fabs are cheaper to build in the first place and have a faster acceleration, I have now moved to them over all other teir 1 builders.

Note all build times are for unassisted factories. Any way hope this is usefull to some people be sure to keep an eye out for more helpful images I make. Next up will be a one for hot keys.


These Boots were made for walking.

Hey so I am only half delivering on what was promised with some painting and no battle report. Let me start with why I have no battle report. I did play a game of Dystopian wars today with my Kingdom of Britannia naval fleet, but with not having played the game since the previous addition of the rules I forgot to take any pictures of the game. That said I got crushed by a Prussian Fleet in 3 or 4 turns. Re-learnt just how brutal that game can be. Still had a good time.

Left: Mid war Right: Late war

Left: Mid war Right: Late war uniforms.

So I acutely went to start painting late last night, but when I went to compare the fresh paints I brought earlier that day to the American rifle color guide. I quickly became confused with the shirt color looking more like the pants color and the pants color looking more like the shirts and then I remembered the book me and the store owner looked in was for the late war therefore it was for the late war uniform. This left me at in a bit of an awkward potion with me making this army to be used for Mid war. Today after talking with some of the other guys I decided to just go with a late war paint scheme.

Not quite as neat as I want it to be but have not painted in a while.

Not quite as neat as I want it to be but have not painted in a while.

Only done a little painting so far, the boots on 7 teams (1 team per stick) and the Anklets on one team. Would have gotten more done but I  got distracted and then tired so figured I would get this post up and go to bed. I will talk more to my methods and reasoning in future posts, but for now as you can kinda see is how I am trying to leave black in-between colors and in crevasse. Hope fully with a strong highlight on each color the models will have a lot of contrast. For now its nice the have started painting, just trying to think how much I still need to do before Cancon.

Any way I am done for tonight, coming up over the next week or I will look at putting together a bit of a painting guide and more progression pictures.



Hey so probably should have read some other people’s blogs some more before making my first post, but for now I will just go with what I feel like.¬†So I really wanted to get this first post up a few days ago but kept leaving it until well after midnight to both set up the blog and write this first post.

Just over a mouth ago a good friend of mine had his yearly invitational Flames of War late war tournament. I decided to take my British infantry that I have had for just over 4 years now and are my only army for Flames. That said the reason I started my Brits was so I could have and army that I use a lot of the miniatures across early, mid and late war. Which they have done me well, I have come to truly appreciate the power of 8 25pdrs when used correctly and just how tenacious their infantry is.

Any way enough about my old army, and on with the new so before my friends comp I was playing around with mid-war American amour lists, but quickly came to the conclusion that it’s going to be very hard to make a competitive list that I would feel comfortable running. After speaking to a few of the guys I regularly game with and getting the advice to look at a more combined arms army. So I started playing around with lists for a Rifle company and ended up with a something somewhat similar to my mid war British army. The similarities are instead of 8 25pdrs, 4 105mm and 4 155mm instead of commandos, paratroopers and 6pdrs replaced by 57mm, but more on the army’s compensation later.

Nearly ready to spray

Top Left Para Troopers, Bot Left Weapons Platoon, Mid and Right Rifle Platoons.

So after ordering my first section of my army a few weeks a go it came in on Wednesday.  In this first order I got a Rifle company, Field artillery battery (105mm) and Paratrooper platoon; leaving still to order Machine-gun Platoon, 57mm At guns, 2 M15 CGMC (AA), Field Artillery Battery (155mm) and a Cannon Platoon (T30 75mm HMC).  So currently I have 5 of my 10 platoons which includes all the infantry platoons. When every I get new flames of war figures the first thing I do is sort out and organised the figures in to platoons, the important part about properly sorting your figures is making sure you have gotten the correct number of figures which I thankfully did. After sorting the figures I clean them team by team using my hobby knife and lightly gluing them to Popsicle sticks ready to be under coated.


Each stick has one team on it with markings for which platoon and which squad the belong to.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post, tomorrow I will be posting hopefully after starting to paint my army and having a game with a borrowed army that I am representing a few figures so I can start to learn how to play Americans. If not I will get a game of Dystopian wars so either way tomorrows post will be more interesting.